Real Estate Transactions

Buying and Selling Real Property

  • Real property transaction is a complicated process. It involves dealings with the Contract of Purchase and Sale, Title Search, Good and Sales tax, Property Transfer Tax, and Mortgage. It may also involve the Family Law Act, Personal Property Security Act, Builders Lien Act, and other statutes.
  • Our duty and training is to protect the best interests of the clients, making sure that they will not pay more than they need to and that they will not get anything less than what they paid for. Besides, we will strive to complete the job in a timly manner.

Mortgage Refinancing

  • Many BC homeowners have significant equity in their homes; either because they’ve paid down an existing mortgage, enjoyed a significant increase in the value of their home as house prices have risen- or both.Mortgage Refinancing involves borrowing money- usually in the form of a line of credit-against the current value of your home. Using your home as security, you can arrange to have funds available to help you pay for your children’s education, purchase a second property for an investment or recreation, take that long-delayed dream vacation or simply ease your retirement.