Title Insurance may Save a Real Estate Purchaser

The following is the list of real life examples showing the need to have a title insurance when one purchases a property:

  • 4 days after closing on a strata property, a young couple received a notice from the strata company, informing them about a special assessment of over $30,000. The couple filed claim to the title insurance company (First Canadian Title). Their claim is paid by the title insurance.
  • After purchasing their home, the new owners noticed a lingering, pungent odour emanating from under an addition on the back of the house. The addition was illegally constructed on top of the septic system! the title insurance company (Stewart Title Guarantee Company) paid more than $130,000 to demolish the addition, reconstruct it, and reinstall a new septic system.
  • A son forged a Power of Attorney document and use it to transfer his mom’s house to himself. He then mortgaged the property and ran away with the money. The title insurance company (Stewart Title Guarantee Company) paid the full amount of the loss (of more than $65,000) to the mother.

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